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Porsche USA : Regional Landing Pages

Porsche North America employs various supplemental sites which provide regional specials and offers for customers when they are searching with Google etc.. I was tasked with creating fully dynamic regional landing pages that could self create a dynamic page anywhere in the US or Canada based on the geolocation. What I did was create two-hundred data points based on the first three digits of the users zip/postal code to build out the closest dealers, local specials, national specials, etc.. based on that data point. The project however was later simplified to only need to cater to specific domain names (which is very easy) but since we had this version, I updated it to work in a more simple fashion. It was quite exciting to see totally unique pages and maps build out based on US/Canada locations for the first time. I had to build the full stack for this and use our wireframed skin we use for our dealer sites. Content could be added via our custom CMS if desired (e.g. National specials etc.).


Webdesign, Full Stack


PHP, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Laravel



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