Porsche USA : National Pre-Owned Portal

Porsche USA : National Pre-Owned Portal

The National Pre-Owned Porsche North America is an important part of the Porsche brand serving all of the United States and Canada. The site enjoys the highest percentage of leads for the brand. Myself and another designer (Louis G.) developed the National CPO site using Laravel MVC and highly efficient PHP API calls. The goal was to get cars quickly out of the Database by using only when absolutely necessary. The biggest difficulty is presenting the cars by distance as that means you can not just cache all of the cars very easily. However, I leveraged memcache along with detuning the database call for inventory to only return minimal data points. From there I called up the data points by vehicle VIN. This reduced the overall database work significantly. In addition, I setup an Elastica keyword search that does deeper dive searches for data. We also added submodel selection for the models which was not there before. I was also able to reduce the amount of data points by 45%. In addition, to this, the quickest speed improvement was accomplished by saving the user search requests in memcache which drastically increased the speed of changing pages and sorting. I leveraged sorting on th backside by using sorting algorthms in PHP. We also made improvements by caching the data to some degree using Javascript. I also developed tools which report data to us via a Slack web hooks.


Partial Wireframing & Webdesign, All Backend API calls, Efficiency/Speed


PHP, API, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS, Git



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